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Stop Making These Window Washing Mistakes

Stop Making These Window Washing Mistakes

Source: https://magazine.realtor/daily-news/2020/03/03/stop-making-these-window-washing-mistakes?AdobeAnalytics=ed_rid=2087701&om_mid=2134|RealtorMagNews_2020_03_03&om_nytpe=REALTOR%20MAG%20NEWS

Streaks and smudges covering windows do not make a good first impression at real estate showings. There’s a method to cleaning windows, and it’s not as simple as spraying a cleaner and wiping the window down, according to a new article at realtor.com®.

One common window-washing mistake: Washing the window on a sunny day. “It’s the temperature of the sun that makes it difficult,” Rusty Sanford, owner of Desert Heat Window Wash in Queen Creek, Ariz., told realtor.com®. “For example, when someone cleans their windows in the hot sun, they have an extremely high chance of the windows smearing and/or leaving a haze or film on the glass.” Instead, clean the windows on a cloudy day.

Also, make sure to remove the dirt and dust first. Apply a cleaning solution and scrub the glass using a window washer scrub pad or a microfiber towel soaked in a cleaning solution, says Joshua Kennedy, founder of First Coast Home Pros in Jacksonville, Fla.

Choosing the right window cleaner is also an important part. “For normal DIY window cleaning, we recommend one drop of mild dish soap—yes, just one drop—per gallon of water,” Kennedy told realtor.com®. “If the glass has hard water spots, mineral deposits from irritation, or salt residue from ocean air, a solution of one part vinegar to one part water can be effective as well.”

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