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Redfin: 12% of Offers Came From Virtual Tours Only

Redfin: 12% of Offers Came From Virtual Tours Only

Source:  https://magazine.realtor/daily-news/2020/04/10/redfin-12-of-offers-came-from-virtual-tours-only?AdobeAnalytics=ed_rid%3D2087701%26om_mid%3D2325%7CRealtorMagNews_2020_04_10%26om_nytpe%3DREALTOR%20MAG%20NEWS

Virtual tools are giving buyers the feel for homes—so much so that some are willing to put in an offer before they step foot in the door. Of offers signed last week, the brokerage Redfin reported, 12% were signed by customers who had toured the home only via video. That is up from close to zero at the beginning of March, the brokerage reports.

“Video chat tours are not only a great way to minimize contact with others during the current crisis, but also a cost-effective way to see homes across town or in a different city,” says Taylor Marr, Redfin’s lead economist. “Home buyers and sellers are becoming more comfortable with this technology, which may remain a popular way to view homes once the coronavirus pandemic comes to an end, especially given many Americans may need to relocate to find work.”

Several brokerages have been offering to conduct housing tours over videoconference tools, like FaceTime or Zoom, or they’re beefing up 3D or virtual tools online to help buyers preview homes.

Redfin announced it piloted last weekend a live-video open house via Zoom in three markets. The option allows several customers to simultaneously view a house. The brokerage says it will bring the service to additional markets soon.

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