Cooper City Appraiser

Cooper City Appraiser

We provide appraisal services to South Florida, including all neighborhoods in Cooper City.

Empire Appraisal Group, Inc., is South Florida’s leading appraisal company as a result of their excellent customer service, accurate and reliable appraisals, and quick turn times.  When working with an appraiser, integrity and professionalism are essential, and Empire Appraisal Group has a well established reputation for providing the best appraisal experience.  Daniel Lindeman, the Chief Appraiser, is considered one of the top property appraisers in South Florida (Broward and Palm Beach), with over 15 years of expertise and 10,000+ appraisals in his name.  Give us a call today to find out what your home is worth at 561-441-9298.

Specializing in property appraisal for:

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We provide accurate home values utilizing the most recent comparables in your neighborhood. Home price graphs are included in every appraisal report and regression analysis is used to calculate all adjustments.

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