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The Home Trends You May Regret in 20 Years

The Home Trends You May Regret in 20 Years

Source: https://magazine.realtor/daily-news/2019/05/21/the-home-trends-you-may-regret-in-20-years?cid=DN05212019

Home trends come and go, but which are most prime for falling out of favor? Apartment Therapy recently took a look at the unfiltered opinions of some 2,400 posts to a question on Reddit about home trends that people will most likely regret in 20 years. Here are a few of the most popular responses:

Barn doors: The hanging, refurbished barn door over the interior of a doorway is starting to look dated, commenters said.

Floating shelves: Open floating shelves in the kitchen in lieu of cabinets was another trend frequently cited. Commenters said the trend was unrealistic in keeping shelves always tidy for everyday use, and you would need gorgeous, matching dishes to pull the look off.

Pallet wood walls: Shiplap also may be losing fans. “It will be the equivalent of wood paneling of the 70s,” one Reddit poster commented.

Doorless glass showers: Walk-in showers that have no doors are growing more popular, particularly in the luxury sector. But commenters said the space needs to be closed up for practical reasons—to keep the heat in.

Word art: Wooden signs that are meant to inspire—“Live. Love. Laugh”—or that just state the obvious—“family” or “eat”—are a popular home accessory from the past few years. But homeowners may be growing tired of reading all the word art decorating walls.

Too much white and gray: Reddit commenters also showed some white and gray backlash, calling the look overdone. They took offense to rooms where everything is white—white-on-white kitchens, white walls, and white countertops. Also, they said that the popularity of gray is tiring out. Instead, they called for more colorful interiors.

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